Baby Kennedy

Baby Kennedy

Saturday, October 1, 2011

6 month check-up? BEE-EEE-EEE-AUTIFUL

Way to go Baby K! High five TEAM COLLER! Dr. Fuchs reported that Kennedy looks better than expected following her TCS Release Surgery last April. He watched her walk and run and examined her incision site. We have worried about her turned-in foot when walking but he says it has improved and assures us there's no need to worry about that right now. Her recent potty interest and usage was a big surprise to him too.

He provided us with the signs to look for regarding re-tether but really felt it would not be an issue for Kennedy. The signs are: low back pain, urgency to urinate, constant leaking, and increased clumsiness. We go back in 6 months - March 28th. This is a great sign since we have previously been on a 3 month check up schedule.

We love you big girl! Thank you for making us proud and being so tough! "SHOW US YOUR MUSCLES! RRRRRR"

Hugs & Kisses (always),
Mommy & Daddy