Baby Kennedy

Baby Kennedy

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Another MRI tomorrow

Feeling nervous about Kennedy's MRI which is scheduled for tomorrow. Hopefully, it'll be the only one she needs. Dr. Fuchs wants to get a good look at how things look in there now after all the healing. It can also be used as a baseline if future symptoms ever present.

Yesterday, Kennedy found her scar and walked around pinching it and pulling at it. I can't help but hope that it's not hurting her. I imagine she just feels something new.

Thursday she goes for an ENT referral at Duke. Busy week!

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  1. You have had a major journey! Wow. I am glad she's doing well after her surgery. When Chandler had his, he only had to be in the hospital overnight and flat for 24 hrs. Thankfully he was 5 and understood everything. It was hard to keep him down when we got home and his 2 year old brother wanted to jump and play. Hopefully your results of the MRI are great and the ENT can help with the ear infections.