Baby Kennedy

Baby Kennedy

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 3 Update

Day 3 was a good day! Personality was abundant at times and that made us more and more excited that surgery was a success! Her nurse removed her IV this morning because Kennedy is doing so well drinking juice, formula, and now even taking some applesauce and yogurt!

More visitors today - Angie and later Adam! Thanks friends!

Unique note from today, our day nurse Susan has a daughter who was born with a tethered spinal cord. Her daughter is now 13 and doing very well. It was great to be able to ask her questions and converse candidly with her about the experiences we've both had.

Dr. Fuchs visited our room after 9pm after a long day in surgery and said she looks great. We will see him again tomorrow for another check up but at this point, we see great improvement in Kennedy's temperament, movement, and sleep so we go to bed this evening - very happy parents.

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  1. That is soo awesome! God is good and as there with you all the way. He placed his angel (the nurse) there for you to give you inspiration and strength. So glad that the IV's came out and she is drinking and eating more! We love you!!