Baby Kennedy

Baby Kennedy

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Up Day

We made it! (Kind of) Today is      UP   day!

Dr. Fuchs came in this morning and approved her bed to be elevated. Hurray! The nurse just received the order and raised it 30 degrees (9:15am). Kennedy clapped and smiled more than she ever has! It was so funny! If she's doing well, they'll raise it to 45 degrees at noon! It's a happy day! So far, so good. We'll be watching for drainage and signs of discomfort. But, we aren't going to have any of that!!!

Yesterday was an awesome day. Kennedy was happy, slept well, and enjoyed some awesome visits. Thank you to Eve & Nicole, Jason, Cassie & Ethan, and Anna & Drew.

This morning Kennedy had another sponge bath and we tried jammies too. Dr. Fuchs said if all goes well tomorrow when we get her all the way up, she can go home. So we are really hoping that happens!

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  1. yay!!! so glad she is healing so well :-) i wish we were in town to visit... maybe we can plan a visit once you are home.