Baby Kennedy

Baby Kennedy

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Not for those with weak stomachs - Meningocele Manque

So in addition to the fatty filum terminale tether at the bottom of Kennedy's spinal cord, her other type of tether (originally thought to be a lipomyelomeningocele) was actually determined to be a meningocele manque. Below is a picture of what one may look like. Note: this is not a picture from Kennedy's surgery.

Meningocele manqué refers to an element of dorsal tethering bands composed of fibrotic or atretic neural tissue connecting the spinal cord to dura or surrounding structures. They are usually found incidentally during surgical exploration for other elements.  *from Medscape Article on TCS & OSD

It is a form of spinal dysraphism where nerve roots and fibrous bands tether normal neural structures. This is exactly what Kennedy had going on. She had nerves and fibrous bands attaching to her spinal cord which was stretching and pulling it.

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