Baby Kennedy

Baby Kennedy

Monday, April 18, 2011

Here We Are

(at Duke waiting for surgery)

It's official. She is in surgery. We arrived at Duke at 6am this morning and they took her back pretty quickly for the evaluations. She met with Dr. Fuchs and her two anasthesiologists. Her nurse's name was Jill and that was very special for us as Nick's sister Jill is also a nurse and is one of Kennedy's favorite aunts (they all jockey over that position though). The anasthesiology team let me go back with Kennedy until she fell asleep with the gas. She fought it hard, my little champ!

(in the evaluation room before operation)

They waited to start all IV's, catheter, intubation, etc until she was asleep. They said "OK Mom, give her a kiss" and I snuck three! The head nurse headed me outside and made sure I was okay before heading me out to the waiting room with my family. About 40 minutes later, they called the waiting room to tell us they had started surgery.

So we wait. Approximately 3 hours. Good news is that if everything goes well, we'll be in a regular floor room and may only be in 5 days now. FINGERS CROSSED!


  1. Kennedy, you are such a beautiful girl! Hugs and kisses for you and your mom and dad.

    Love, Aunt Heather

  2. If you don't mind me asking.. how did they give her the gas? The mask??? Did she fight it just because she didn't want the mask on her? This is the part for K's surgery that I have been wondering how it will work... I'm glad they let you be w/ her though!! I know you were a little worried. And the picture is adorable!! We are thinking of you and praying all goes well!! :)