Baby Kennedy

Baby Kennedy

Friday, April 22, 2011

No news is good news

Today is Day 5 of being flat.

Day 4 - I didn't feel like writing. We had a very good day! Kennedy started rolling and she pushed up on all 4's twice so we had to tell her to lay back down (and help her to do so). For the most part though, she's stayed put. It's amazing. The dr's tell you that your baby has to be flat for 2-3 days for some tethers and 5 days for other tethers (like Kennedy's) and you just think, they don't know my baby! How are they going to do that? But they just do! Kennedy has really not tried to move much. The 1st 48 hours she hurt too much to do anything and screamed at you when you touched her. The next 24 hours she was content and just layed around and got very mad at you when you moved her but tolerated touching okay. The last 24 hours we've been through, she has still layed around most of the time but alternates herself between her side, back, and belly without help. She still cries out when we change her diaper but other than that, she is pretty happy or sleeping most of the time. Angie came and brought us dinner! Yummmy!!!
Kennedy is eating a little more too, baby peaches, home fries, applesauce, yogurt, cheese, juice, and formula.Grandma gave her a sponge bath yesterday and the neurosurgery team came and changed her bandage. Nick & I had gone out to lunch and missed it but I understand it is about 4" in length. It is longer than originally planned because her tethers extended lower than the MRI suggested. Neurosurgery says we'll be able to get her up sometime tomorrow with possible discharge tomorrow but more likely scheduled for Sunday. Easter at home - won't that be nice? We are really hoping so because my parents, Nick's parents, and Nick's brother and our nephew can all be there. I don't think I'll be cooking but I don't care if we end up having pizza - we can put ham on it right? :)

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  1. Hi Ahtram :-)
    With her needing to stay flat for so many days was there ever talk about a back brace?